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Growing Power Hairy Hill is Canada’s first Integrated Bio Refinery™

Growing Power Hairy Hill LP developed and now operates Canada’s most efficient bioFuels production facility. The Integrated Bio Refinery™ is a system that processes a number of raw biomass products into high-value products such as fuel ethanol, green power, and all natural bio-based fertilizer products!

GPHH's patented technology developed by, and licensed from, www.HimarkBioGas.com allows the production of these high-value products with very little energy input and no waste. In fact, GPHH makes its own process energy from waste – including almost all the residential organic waste (called Source-Separated Organics, or SSO for short) from the Metro Edmonton (Edmonton’s suburbs and exurbs) and central Alberta regions!

The costs of producing ethanol "off-the-grid" are extremely low, making GPHH the lowest-cost producer of ethanol in North America. Among other things, this results in:

  1. Food PLUS Fuel, especially with the integration of the nearby Highland Feeders & Spring Creek Ranch feedlot. Did you know that 1/3 of the feed grain mass used by GPHH goes forward as cattle feed?
  2. Local value-add/economic diversification & supply sourcing, plus high-paying jobs. GPHH adds substantially to the tax base and economy of the County of Two Hills
  3. A stunning energy balance of over 7:1 This is SUPERIOR to ALL OTHER liquid fuels that are produced at commercial scales. Did you know that liquid fuels originating from Alberta's oil sands have a negative energy balance? Did you know that conventional ethanol produced using coal-fired electricity has an energy balance that is only slightly positive?

The GHG profile (carbon impact) of GPHH's ethanol, measured on a full, true LCA (life cycle) basis, all the way to the tail pipe emissions, is also extremely low....even MUCH, MUCH lower than the world's current "gold standard" of Brazilian sugarcane ethanol! As a result, GPHH's ethanol is able to meet and beat any and all thresholds met by cellulosic ethanol, including the extremely difficult Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) regime that is being promulgated in California and British Columbia. As well, for U.S. ethanol plants seeking to achieve Advanced Biofuel designation, the GPHH model is extremely instructive and compelling. Tours are available by appointment.

Growing Power Hairy Hill …

Latest News

Integrated bio-refinery produces ethanol, heat, power and fertilizer from 500 tonnes of cow manure
By: Green Energy Futures
October 20, 2014

Alberta is known for its beef - or more specifically its beef marketing. If you haven’t seen the original “I heart Alberta beef” bumper sticker you’ve definitely seen an homage.

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December 01, 2012

Hamilton —

A recent letter to the editor in The Sentinel stated that “Ethanol is hardly a dream fuel.” I suppose that’s true as there are no dream fuels. Every fuel has an economic and environmental cost — nuclear, coal, natural gas, oil, and ethanol. However, the letter-writer managed to use several outdated or unsupported data points. I’d like to counter with a few facts.

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First load of organics arrives at Growing Power Hairy Hill
By Michael Simpson - May 30, 2012

The first load of organics arrived at Growing Power Hairy Hill, the unique Bio Refinery north of Vegreville which uses an anaerobic digestion process to turn cattle effluent and other organics into methane gas, which is converted into electricity and sold back into the grid.

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From grass to gas, town turning lawn clippings into energy
By Michael Simpson - May 16, 2012

Local residents who cut their lawn and toss the clippings into the garbage dumpsters around town are being asked to rethink their actions – that waste can now be turned into electricity via Growing Power Hairy Hill, a facility near Vegreville gaining worldwide recognition for using livestock waste and compost organics in their power generation facility.
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$444M boost for bioEnergy options
By Karen Kleiss - February 20, 2012

Three-year provincial program keys on turning waste into energy

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County welcomes Growing Power Hairy Hill announcement
By Sonny Rajoo - January 31, 2012

The courage and vision of local entrepreneurs Evan and Shane Chrapko together with Bern and Mike Kotelko is coming to fruition with the announcement of the construction of the final module of Growing Power Hairy Hill L.P., ethanol plant.

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GPHH L.P. Sanctions Final Project toward Completion of a Patented Integrated Bio Refinery™ in the Fall of 2012
January 26, 2012

Growing Power Hairy Hill L.P. (“GPHH”) has defied the odds and the current global economic malaise. GPHH is now constructing the final module of its visionary Integrated Bio Refinery™. This last project is a long-planned ethanol plant to be built adjacent to the earlier-announced (March, 2010) bioGas facility expansion.

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Ethanol plant construction begins in Alberta
Posted Jan. 26th, 2012 by Mary MacArthur

Construction has begun on an ethanol plant beside the Growing Power Hairy Hill Bio Refinery in northeastern Alberta.

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Construction underway on Hairy Hill ethanol plant
By Dave Cooper, - January 26, 2012

Construction is finally underway on the Hairy Hill ethanol plant, a second phase to the existing biogas facility which currently produces one megawatt of electricity for the provincial power grid from manure and other wastes.



GPHH L.P. Sanctions Final Project toward Completion of a Patented Integrated Bio Refinery™ in the Fall of 2012
January 24, 2012

Hairy Hill, AB -- Growing Power Hairy Hill L.P. (“GPHH”) has defied the odds and the current global economic malaise. GPHH is now constructing the final module of its visionary Integrated Bio Refinery™.


CCEMC announces $15 million in funding for renewable energy projects in northern Alberta

Three projects valued at more than $129.9 million
EDMONTON – Three communities in northern Alberta will benefit from renewable energy projects supported by the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation. Growing Power Hairy Hill L.P., Phase 2, is approved to receive $5 million of grant funding.

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Cattle+Ethanol=A Good Match
By Holly Jessen | June 06, 2011

Cattlemen in the U.S. and Canada demonstrate feedlots and ethanol production are ideal companion enterprises

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Biofuel makers welcome new mandate
By SEAN PRATT, Saskatoon Newsroom - April 7, 2011

Alberta’s biofuel industry is thrilled with the province’s April 1 implementation of a five percent ethanol and two percent biodiesel mandate.

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Federal-Provincial Investment to Establish Clean Energy Center and Bring New Biomass Technologies to Market
January 26, 2011

Alberta's capacity and ability to convert biomass into market-ready products is expanding with the establishment of a bio-energy applied research facility and industrial cluster at Hairy Hill, newar Vegreville.


The Future of Waste
December, 2010

Evan Chrapko reckons he has the perfect name to tackle the world's waste problems, and surprisingly, it's the Third World where many of his waste-to-energy prospects lie.


Closed-Loop Companies

Westworld Magazine, April 2010

Alberta may not always get an A-grade when it comes to the environment, but in some areas the province's enterprises are on the leading edge.

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GPHH LP Receives $4,143,000 from Government of Canada
March 12, 2010

Hairy Hill, AB. Growing Power Hairy Hill L.P. (“GPHH”) garnered a Federal vote of confidence with a $4,143,000 loan from Canada’s Community Adjustment Fund.  This funding will be used to expand the existing industrial-scale bioGas facility--

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Clean, Green and Powered by Cow Patties
February 18, 2010

In Thursday's Globe and Mail, a feature article on the Growing Power Hairy Hill Project.

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Energy's 'face of the future' Nov 7, 2009

In his new book, Satya Das argues that so-called dirty oil can help build a cleaner future. He focuses on Albertans, such as Evan Chrapko, who are paving the way

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Hairy Hill Integrated Bio Refinery™ Project Prepares
for Intensified Construction Period in 2010

Hairy Hill, AB. Growing Power Hairy Hill (“GPHH”) is developing Canada’s first Integrated Bio Refinery, a $100+ million facility that will produce Green Power, bioFertilizer and Fuel Ethanol in a food PLUS fuel way.

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Evan Chrapko, President Himark BioGas named as one of the Top 100 Visionary Leaders.

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Press Release

North America’s first Integrated
Bio Refinery
now utilizing 73,000 Tonnes /Year Municipal Solid Waste diverted from landfills in the Metro Edmonton area

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Integrated Bio Refinery™

The Integrated Bio Refinery™ at Hairy Hill will be the first of its kind in Canada!

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The main products of the Integrated Bio Refinery™ are Fuel Ethanol, Green Electricity, and bioFertilizer - follow the links to learn more about these products:

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